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Enhance metal surfaces with protective and decorative powder coating



Powder Coating Process

During the powder coating process, dry powder is electrostatically applied to a prepared metal surface. The coated item is then cured at an elevated temperature to create a quality finish that is tough and durable.

Careful surface preparation and powder application is critical to a high quality result.


What Can be Powder Coated

Topex Powder Coating can powder coat metal products up to

12 m long and 2.4 m wide. 


We are equipped to process industrial quantities on our conveyor lines as well as smaller quantities and non-standard products in our booths.


A chromating service is available for aluminium products.



Colours and Finishes

We offer an extensive range of Dulux, Interpon and Jotun colours in matt, gloss, satin and textured finishes.


Contact us for details on our full range or view the  colour selections below.

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