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Thorough surface preparation is critical to ensuring the best possible adherence of powder.

Our preparation processes include thorough cleaning to remove weld scale, oil, grease and metal oxides. Sandblasting is used if required.  We apply chemical treatment through submersion or spray application. A chromate process is applied for aluminium. 

Powder Coating Application

The powder coating application process is rigorously managed to ensure the highest quality results. Our operations personnel have many years of industry experience and are accustomed to dealing with exacting customer requirements.

Topex operates multiple conveyor powder coating lines, which provide us with the capacity to efficiently handle large product volumes. 

We also operate multiple powder coating booths. These enable us to process unique, difficult to handle or small volume products not suitable for the conveyor lines.



After coating is complete, customer items are carefully packaged to ensure no damage to finishes during transportation.

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